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Historically, if a developer writes code for desktop applications, then he is limited in analytics tools.

No, of course, you can choose a tool that shows activity in the application and reports errors that occur, or write a similar tool yourself, but sometimes there is not enough information of a completely different kind.

Imagine that you have created an app and it is slowly developing in the app store. Several installations a day are steadily coming from new users, sometimes nothing comes at all. Suddenly you see an explosive growth and can't understand what triggered it, you also can't understand in which country there was a surge in activity, since the app store for your country does not show any changes.

Of course, this is true not only for desktop applications, the same is true for the mobile market.

There are specialized websites, but access to such information is too expensive for independent developers and small teams. Such developers have stayed away, they can hope for luck and invest in such analytics in advance.

But you can also use cheaper tools, which sometimes are not inferior to expensive online services.

So, this winter I plan to finish a similar analytical tool and submit it to the court of application developers.

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