Meet the new update of our VPN application: VPNinja.

Meet the new update of our VPN application: VPNinja.

Welcome! We are excited to announce the release of a new version of our VPN application: VPNinja.

It has been a while since we last shared news about our developments. We've been immersed in working on improvements and optimizations of our products. However, we recognize the importance of keeping you informed about the latest updates and enhancements to our applications. Therefore, we promise to regularly update you on all changes.

Today, we are proud to introduce the latest update to our VPN client, VPNinja. This update brings a series of significant improvements and innovations that we would like to share with you:

  1. We've updated the network protocol. We have moved away from using the WireGuard protocol in favor of a more advanced solution - Trojan. This is a version of the v2ray protocol that provides stable and reliable performance even in challenging conditions, such as in China.
  2. We have implemented the XTLS-Reality traffic masking technology. With this technology, the traffic from our application becomes indistinguishable from regular web browsing, providing an additional level of anonymity and security for our users.
  3. We have extended the duration of free sessions. We understand how important it is to have access to the basic functions of the application without needing to purchase the full version. In this update, we have increased the length of free sessions so you can comfortably address your daily tasks.

Our team is tirelessly working to offer you the best VPN service experience. We value each user and strive to ensure the highest level of security and convenience for your internet sessions. Thank you for your support and trust in our products.

With respect and best wishes, the VPNinja development team.

VPNinja: Fast and Safe VPN

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