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Ruble is now absolutely free! Without in-app purchases or other charges!

A few months ago I launched an application to track the current exchange rate of the ruble against other currencies.

The project wasn't planned as commercial. Initially, it was just a training project during the study of SwiftUI and the possibility of using this technology in desktop development.

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It was really interesting to try out Apple's proposed method in 2019, given the pain of past desktop app development on AppKit.

List of available currencies

During the existence of the project there was even feedback from users with comments and wishes. Some of them were implemented in later versions of the application.

Actually, although the project is not big, it turned out to be quite convenient and I have been living with the application in the status bar for several months (I keep an eye on €).

Why don't you give it a try? I'm sure some of you will find it useful. From this day on, the application will be distributed absolutely free of charge. It will not use any other monetization mechanisms.

Ruble - exchange rates of CBRF

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