Stay Informed with Ruble: A Free MacOS App for Tracking the Ruble Exchange Rate

Ruble (CBRF)

Due to the current economic instability, people are paying closer attention to the value of their national currency, especially Russian citizens who want to keep track of the ruble's value against other currencies. Fortunately, for MacOS users, there is a free application called "Ruble" that provides real-time updates on the ruble exchange rate. By displaying the current rate in the status bar, users can quickly stay informed without having to open an additional window.

"Ruble" is a user-friendly application that uses data from the Central Bank of Russia to provide up-to-date information on the ruble exchange rate. Users can choose the currency pair they wish to track, and the app will automatically update the information every few minutes.

Ruble - main widget

Overall, "Ruble" is a useful tool for those who want to stay informed about changes in the currency market, especially for individuals who do business or travel abroad and need to know when is the best time to buy or sell currency. The application has a convenient interface and is easy to install and launch immediately after downloading.

Ruble - list of currencies

The "Ruble" application is available for download in the Projects section of our website, and it works with MacOS 11+. In summary, if you want to keep track of the ruble exchange rate and save time on manual tracking, the "Ruble" app is an excellent option for MacOS users. With it, you can stay informed about your national currency's value and make well-informed decisions based on current information.

Ruble - exchange rates of CBRF

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